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#188- Writers' Work (feat. Jason Simons)

Writer Jason Simons discusses the importance of putting in the work- the hours- not to get published necessarily but to become better at the craft of writing.


Jason's blog


Jason's novel Two Fisted Power

#181- It Rained, We Were Poor

In the Stories series, I reflect on going to the Virginia state fair in the 6th grade, velvet curtains & shirtless dudes in overalls. 

#180- Josh Taylor- Life of Performance

How often are we really ourselves in life vs a projection of who we need to be in a certain space and time? Actor Josh Taylor discusses the importance of checking ambition & ego to find your real self.

#173- Lulu Soni- Get Out Of Your Head, Into Your Heart

LULU SONI is an accomplished dance artist & remarkable yoga instructor (personal bias here). We discuss the challenges of happiness, drinking wine, and intense dance teachers that demand payment in sweat! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Yoga To The People


The Yoga Room -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#171- Mike G. - Growing Up

We share some of the more embarrassing items of our childhood like being an avid rollerskater with a full outfit (Mike) and a way too competitive breakdancer (Me). Mike also shares how life's shortcomings have given him insight, strength, & shaped who he is today. * * ************

#165- Stuart Luth- Staying In The Gray

Producer, Actor, and now Stuart adds the title he's so proud of to his name: DAD. We talk about how it's important we not see things in black & white but that in life there's many shades of gray. ... ... For information on Dr. Anthony William

#155- Charlotte Helmore- "Big Sleep"

Charlotte has been researching the effects of sleep (we really need it!) and its history (horse poop! religion!). She called me from her home in South Kensington, London.

#154- Josh Moore- "Healthy Skepticism"

Having just completed a corporate internship, Josh Moore is starting his career in Cyber Security. We discuss the effects of technology on our personalities- and our privacy. He's skeptical, but hopeful.

#152- Amy Martin- Singing Shavasanas

In Yoga, Shavasana- also known as corpse pose— you lie down on your back and relax your body and mind so you may fully assimilate the benefits of your practice. Sounds simple and yet many consider it the hardest pose. Yoga teacher Amy Martin shares her insight on yoga and how everything is temporary so find that song within and sing it. We recorded at Loom Studio in Brooklyn.