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#225- How To Daddy (I Have No Idea...)

I recently became a father. This whole experience has been mostly challenging, often hilarious, and occasionally magical. Letting go. It remains the hardest lesson for me. But letting go can set you free. All these things can come together to craft this life you never thought you wanted or knew you wanted: to be guided by light and selfless purpose instead of money or career ambition.

#204- 1992, Part Two "Entertainment" (w/ JASON SIMONS)

In Part Two, we dive in to the movies, TV shows, music, and yes- comic books! that were popular in 1992. Some things remain a lexicon of pop culture, like "You can't handle the truth!" and "There's no crying in baseball!" while others like Image Comics did not stand the test of time.

#201- Doug Lane- Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss doesn't mean create your own company. It's a mindset of how you view your life. Doug has recently created his own tech marketing/ security company. We discuss how it doesn't have to be a fight but a dance of work & reflection.


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#200- Meagan Gordon Scheuerman- "Babies Are The Worst"

It's our super sized 200th episode. Hooray! What better way to celebrate this baby then to discuss, well.. babies! Meagan talks about being an actress in NYC & LA, the writing process, myths of motherhood, and her struggles with PPD in her new memoir "Babies Are The Worst".








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#199- Money vs Debt

Financial debt can stop you from reaching your goals and take away your happiness. JASON SIMONS has spent the last year researching personal finance & the nasty, underhanded business of Debt Collectors. He explains how most of what they do is illegal but if you're in a financial crisis how you can protect yourself.

#193- Three Gates

When we look at our lives, we think about our goals. We want to announce to the world we matter. If only we could stop looking forward and looking backwards, and be grateful for the current moments.

#191- Where You Are

Reflections of the heart's travels. Don't force anything. Don't resist anything. We are not our feelings. We are what we think we are.

#188- Writers' Work (feat. Jason Simons)

Writer Jason Simons discusses the importance of putting in the work- the hours- not to get published necessarily but to become better at the craft of writing.


Jason's blog


Jason's novel Two Fisted Power

#181- It Rained, We Were Poor

In the Stories series, I reflect on going to the Virginia state fair in the 6th grade, velvet curtains & shirtless dudes in overalls. 

#180- Josh Taylor- Life of Performance

How often are we really ourselves in life vs a projection of who we need to be in a certain space and time? Actor Josh Taylor discusses the importance of checking ambition & ego to find your real self.