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#191- Where You Are

Reflections of the heart's travels. Don't force anything. Don't resist anything. We are not our feelings. We are what we think we are.

#188- Writers' Work (feat. Jason Simons)

Writer Jason Simons discusses the importance of putting in the work- the hours- not to get published necessarily but to become better at the craft of writing.


Jason's blog


Jason's novel Two Fisted Power

#181- It Rained, We Were Poor

In the Stories series, I reflect on going to the Virginia state fair in the 6th grade, velvet curtains & shirtless dudes in overalls. 

#180- Josh Taylor- Life of Performance

How often are we really ourselves in life vs a projection of who we need to be in a certain space and time? Actor Josh Taylor discusses the importance of checking ambition & ego to find your real self.

#173- Lulu Soni- Get Out Of Your Head, Into Your Heart

LULU SONI is an accomplished dance artist & remarkable yoga instructor (personal bias here). We discuss the challenges of happiness, drinking wine, and intense dance teachers that demand payment in sweat! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lulu on Instagram


Yoga To The People


The Yoga Room -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#171- Mike G. - Growing Up

We share some of the more embarrassing items of our childhood like being an avid rollerskater with a full outfit (Mike) and a way too competitive breakdancer (Me). Mike also shares how life's shortcomings have given him insight, strength, & shaped who he is today. * * ************

#165- Stuart Luth- Staying In The Gray

Producer, Actor, and now Stuart adds the title he's so proud of to his name: DAD. We talk about how it's important we not see things in black & white but that in life there's many shades of gray. ... ... For information on Dr. Anthony William

#155- Charlotte Helmore- "Big Sleep"

Charlotte has been researching the effects of sleep (we really need it!) and its history (horse poop! religion!). She called me from her home in South Kensington, London.

#154- Josh Moore- "Healthy Skepticism"

Having just completed a corporate internship, Josh Moore is starting his career in Cyber Security. We discuss the effects of technology on our personalities- and our privacy. He's skeptical, but hopeful.