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#111- How We Learn

There are so many myths about education. Jason Simons and I discuss overcoming obstacles, preparing for challenges, and what true learning is really about.

#108- Inflammatory! w/ Jason Simons

Writer Jason Simons returns to join me on intellectual rants on the Social Justice Warrior movement, Trump,& a very eye opening discussion of the North Korea problem. Note: we both were drinking a lot and yet oddly some fine points were made, by Jason at least.

#102- Kazusa Nakamura- "Happiness"

Kazusa lives at the nexus of many worlds and moves between them with generosity & humor. My girlfriend, my homie, my co-conspirator. She is also the proud mother of Cersei the cat.

#83- Mike G.- "Something Fresh To Say"

Mike G. shares two exclusive songs from his forthcoming album of 1990's era New Jack Swing era hip hop, album: "DJ Lou Dooben & MC Mike G". Songs: "Lou Dobben" and "Something Fresh To Say". We also have a brief conversation about addiction and naturally some silliness.