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#125- Melissa Jane Osborne- "Storyteller"

We talk about the balance of being vulnerable and oversharing. It's all about creating real art. Check out Melissa's new graphic novel THE WENDY PROJECT (available on Amazon.com) and the Holocaust survivor film, Oma. Twitter @osbornejmelissa

#111- How We Learn

There are so many myths about education. Jason Simons and I discuss overcoming obstacles, preparing for challenges, and what true learning is really about.

#108- Inflammatory! w/ Jason Simons

Writer Jason Simons returns to join me on intellectual rants on the Social Justice Warrior movement, Trump,& a very eye opening discussion of the North Korea problem. Note: we both were drinking a lot and yet oddly some fine points were made, by Jason at least.

#102- Kazusa Nakamura- "Happiness"

Kazusa lives at the nexus of many worlds and moves between them with generosity & humor. My girlfriend, my homie, my co-conspirator. She is also the proud mother of Cersei the cat.

#83- Mike G.- "Something Fresh To Say"

Mike G. shares two exclusive songs from his forthcoming album of 1990's era New Jack Swing era hip hop, album: "DJ Lou Dooben & MC Mike G". Songs: "Lou Dobben" and "Something Fresh To Say". We also have a brief conversation about addiction and naturally some silliness.