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#155- Charlotte Helmore- "Big Sleep"

Charlotte has been researching the effects of sleep (we really need it!) and its history (horse poop! religion!). She called me from her home in South Kensington, London.

#154- Josh Moore- "Healthy Skepticism"

Having just completed a corporate internship, Josh Moore is starting his career in Cyber Security. We discuss the effects of technology on our personalities- and our privacy. He's skeptical, but hopeful.

#152- Amy Martin- Singing Shavasanas

In Yoga, Shavasana- also known as corpse pose— you lie down on your back and relax your body and mind so you may fully assimilate the benefits of your practice. Sounds simple and yet many consider it the hardest pose. Yoga teacher Amy Martin shares her insight on yoga and how everything is temporary so find that song within and sing it. We recorded at Loom Studio in Brooklyn.

#145- Why We Love Heavy Metal (feat. Jason Simons)

f you grew up in the 1980's then you'll recall the heavy metal parking lot at your school or the local mall. Ripped jeans, denim jackets, long hair that was permed or frosted (guys & girls). From the greats like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest to the not so great bands: BulletBoys. Writer JASON SIMONS and I explore the music & culture behind it all. Rock out!

#144- uluç ülgen- The Sweetness

This episode has it all. Drugs! Love! Heartbreak! Candy! Meeting Thom Yorke (it's bittersweet...), being resilient through the tough times & laughing loudly during the good times. Check out Uluc's awesome podcast called mürmur, free on iTunes.

#142- Quazzy- "Be True"

Quaz is a musician, yoga instructor, filmmaker, & someone who cares about the truth in every moment. Check out his music, documentary project, and news at

#141- 1987, Part Two

In Part Two we dive into the movie box office, the popular TV shows, and the musical charts of the year. And of course, WrestlemaniaIII. Special guest JASON SIMONS twitter @JS555001.

#140- 1987, Part One

In Part One we discuss world events like Iran Contra, the scandal of Gary Hart, introduction of Prozac, and in comic books- West Coast Avengers, Silver Silver #1, The Punisher, and the short lived Marvel New Universe! Special Guest JASON SIMONS @JS555001.

#138- The Ocean Can Calm Herself. So Can You.

Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. Because that's who you really are. Let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it. Today's episode I discuss what some call my failures and mistakes. I call them gifts.

#125- Melissa Jane Osborne- "Storyteller"

We talk about the balance of being vulnerable and oversharing. It's all about creating real art. Check out Melissa's new graphic novel THE WENDY PROJECT (available on and the Holocaust survivor film, Oma. Twitter @osbornejmelissa

#111- How We Learn

There are so many myths about education. Jason Simons and I discuss overcoming obstacles, preparing for challenges, and what true learning is really about.

#108- Inflammatory! w/ Jason Simons

Writer Jason Simons returns to join me on intellectual rants on the Social Justice Warrior movement, Trump,& a very eye opening discussion of the North Korea problem. Note: we both were drinking a lot and yet oddly some fine points were made, by Jason at least.

#102- Kazusa Nakamura- "Happiness"

Kazusa lives at the nexus of many worlds and moves between them with generosity & humor. My girlfriend, my homie, my co-conspirator. She is also the proud mother of Cersei the cat.